What does h1b rfe mean?

1 year ago Byram Charity Comments Off on What does h1b rfe mean?

Request for evidence (RFE) is an inquiry set by the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to request additional evidence from applicants or petitions.  H1b rfe is used to scrutinize the adjudication of H-1B visa (Also known as h1b 签证) applications more closely so as to determine applicants’ eligibility for the benefit sought.

The reason for h1b rfe is written specifically in the letter sent by USCIS. Normally, you have 90 days to submit relevant documents. All the supplementary documents should be able to answer all inquiries in the RFE letter of your h1b application.

What can I do after receiving h1b rfe?

Here are some steps to follow after you receive a h1b rfe:

  1. Read the RFE fully to ensure you understand it completely and have a idea of what will be needed.
  2. Stay calm. RFE is not equal to a denial on your application. RFE is a tool used by USCIS to learn more about H1B applicants’ cases. Don’t make rush decisions.
  3. Prepare for all the documents that may convince the USCIS. It might include evidences such as expert opinion letters, job advertisement, letters from vendors and clients.
  4. Strongly consider consulting an immigration attorney who can help you to understand your case and guide you through the document preparation. Having all the possible documents in hand is a determination of your case. Find a professional to make sure you have what are needed and no errors were made.
  5. Double check the address and deadline for RFE submit. Make sure your documents are delivered on time.
  6. h1b rfe may include more than one of the aforementioned reasons. Due to the complex nature of these requests, it would be best to consult an immigration attorney (Also known as移民律师 ).