Choosing a Lawyer for your Serious Injury

9 months ago Byram Charity Comments Off on Choosing a Lawyer for your Serious Injury

When handling a catastrophic injury, choosing the right lawyer can mean the difference between getting the compensation you deserve and not getting anything at all. That’s why you shouldn’t entrust just any Austin, personal injury lawyer with your case.

Personal injury cases have the potential of changing lives, for the worst. If you happen to be a victim of someone else’s negligence and end up sustaining severe injuries, you’ll need a highly experienced personal injury lawyer in Austin, TX to focus on your case.

There are incredible options when looking for an attorney, and it can be difficult to know what the right choice is for you. Every attorney has a different area of focus that they pursue, meaning, they have a unique area of law that they prefer to practice. For your case, you’ll need an attorney who specializes in serious injuries, as they will have the necessary skill, knowledge, and experience to take on cases of such magnitude. Most importantly, they will also have a passion for handling such cases.

In addition to specialization, here are other critical pointers to help you pick the right lawyer for your serious injury:

Track record

A good lawyer for your serious injuries is one who has a reputation of success in holding the responsible individual or entity, along with their insurance companies accountable for severe injuries and even wrongful death on serious accidents. This consists of settlements and verdicts arising from car accident injuries, construction site injuries, defective and dangerous product injuries, offshore and maritime accidents, and injury on some else’s property. A proven track record is the only guarantee that you’ll get the best possible outcome for your case.


Find a lawyer who has the necessary expertise to represent you. Preferably, the lawyer should have successfully dealt with cases of similar nature as yours before. For instance, if you have suffered back, shoulder, neck, and knee injuries, your ideal lawyer should be one who has handled a case where the victim sustained back, shoulder, neck, and knee injuries. The same applies to head and brain injuries, amputations, spinal cord injuries, electrical injuries, fractures, chemical and fire burns, post-traumatic stress disorder, neurological injuries, and wrongful death.

Ask the right questions

To assess the competence of an attorney, you will need to ask your prospective lawyer about how they handle cases like yours. Find out about how much they charge and their payment plans as well as the kinds of suits that they handle. You can also ask for their prediction on how the case might end (based on their experience), and how long the lawsuit might take to resolve. Gauge how good a lawyer is based on how well they answer these questions.

Look at their objectivity

Ensure that your serious injury lawyer is objective and is not looking to settle your lawsuit too quickly to move on to the next case. The lawyer should be willing to take your case to court and argue before the judge to get you maximum compensation for your injuries as well as present and future losses.